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Truth #1: Our main objective at North Georgia Web Design is to make money. Yes, you read that correctly. We want to make money, just like every other small business that we know. We make money by building websites that make our clients money. As a small business, we know how to build websites that can compete with larger online businesses regardless of the size of your company.

Truth #2: If you’re a small business owner like us, your number one goal is to make money too. Like us, you probably love what you do, you strive to build a better widget, you bend-over backwards for customer service and in some small way hope that your efforts will serve the greater good. Although these secondary goals are no less relevant than our primary goal, make no mistake, we’re in this for the money.

Most, if not all, business owners were born to be entrepreneurs, it’s in our DNA. Entrepreneurship, unlike anything else, puts on display and fulfills our inherent need to compete and most importantly, our desire to win. Nothing is more satisfying to a small business owner than executing their personal business plan and watching it take root and thrive. Why else would we work 100 hour weeks for less money, leverage time, sweat and personal resources? We want to win, and profits are how we keep score.

Truth #3 : They don’t teach this concept in “web design” school. Understanding how small businesses work i.e. the entrepreneurial paradigm, by and large, does not exist in most web design agencies. We’re not saying that these other web design agencies are less capable of building a great website than us, we just think it’s more important to ask “why am I building this” before asking “how can I build this website?” Your website needs to be created with a goal and a purpose. It needs to be designed to win. This, more than anything else, is what we do best at North Georgia Web, we help you win. We understand what your small business needs, because we are a small business.

Truth #4: Overtly flashy, bouncy, clicky websites are rarely the answer to winning online, and most importantly, more expensive websites do not necessarily convert better than less expensive websites. Let all the high-priced web design agencies gasp, but they know we’re right. Smartly designed, informative and easy to use websites convert better. The planet’s number one seller of goods and services is Amazon; how flashy is their website?

When people visit your website they are in search of these primary answers: 1. Is this company legitimate? 2. Are their products and services competitive? 3. Do I have all of the information for me to make an informed decision? 4. How soon can I receive these products and services? The website that answers these questions in the most concise way usually wins.

Truth # 5: We build better mousetraps for less money.

Business Website Design

Think of our Business On-boarding package as an unfinished basement. We have done all of the technical webby stuff for you, and all you have left to do is to style and add your words. It is the fastest and least expensive way to get your business website up and running.

5 Starter Pages
1 Year Free Hosting
Free Domain Name
Mobile Optimized Theme
WordPress Control Panel
Premium Theme Installed
Social Media Plugins
Divi Web Builder (or)
Genesis Framework (or)
Astra Theme
Analytics Integration
Best Plugins Installed
WP Rocket Caching
Envato Licensed Images
Contact/ Query Form
Domain & SSL Installed
Domain Based Email Accounts
Google API Keys Created

Our Business Website Pro picks up where the On-boarding package left off. We basically build out all of the technical and design aspects of the website. We then use your words to tell the story of your business and create a site that's sure to impress your visitors.

5-7 FINISHED Pages
5-7 Page Banners Built
3 SEO Optimized Pages Markup
XML Sitemap Creation
Search Engine Submission
One on One Training
Social Media Icons
ReCAPTCHA Integration
Google Maps Integration
W3C Code Validation
Site Speed Optimization
Direct Admin Panel
301 Redirects on Transfer
Newsletter Opt-in Forms
Mailchimp Integration
Unlimited Licensed Stock Images

Are you in competition with another company that has a snazzy website and ranks high in the search results? Think of this package as the competition killer. We will set your online business on the right track to dominate and outshine your competitors in every category!

8-12 FINISHED Pages
Facebook Page Created
Facebook Page Integration
Instagram Integration
8 SEO Optimized Pages
SEO Optimized Images
Website Live Chat (or)
FB Messenger Integrated
Google Search Console
Bing Search Console
XML Sitemap Submission
Google My Business (GMB)
GMB Optimized & Designed
GMB Review Integration
5 GMB Citations Built

eCommerce Website Design

This may be our entry-level eComm package, but it's definitely not lacking anything that you will need to get your business online and selling your products quickly and professionally. This custom built Woocommerce ecommerce store is not only effective at closing sales, it's cost-effective which makes it perfect for small local retail shops, restaurants or startups on a budget.

Begin with Website Pro Setup
1 Year Free Hosting
Free Domain Name
Licensed Astra Theme
Analytics Integration
WP Rocket Caching
Woo Commerce Installed
Basic Shipping Configuration
Shipping Exclusions
Pay Gateway
Payment Exclusions
Product Creation (20 Products)
Tax Rates Setup
Cart Abandonment Protocols
Optimized Landing Page (1)
Basic Review Integration

Our Pro-Store package takes our Ecomm-Plus Package to the next level giving your store more functionality to capture sales and compete with the big guys in the big pond. With expanded shipping, checkout and product displays, your store will close more sales and increase your marketing ROI allowing you to increase online marketing budgets.

Everything from Ecom-Plus
Woo Commerce Installed
Detailed Shipping Configuration
Google Maps Incorporated
PayPal, Stripe or Square Gateway
Product Creation (20 Products)
Zoned Tax Rates (State Level)
Cart Abandonment Protocols
Optimized Landing Pages (3)
Shipping Methods by State
Shipping by Weight & Dimension
Coupons by User Roles
Cross-sells by Category
Coupon Code Generator
Checkout Customization
Customer Account Customization
Advanced Review Integration
Dashboard Analytics

Do you have a large product sku catalog that needs careful implementation that can adjust for specific shipping zones, tax zones and multiple product variables? Our Market-Pro package will get your store hooked up and running with all of the latest Ecomm features and get it ready for Google Merchant wish custom XML feed syndication through Google Ads, Bing and others.

Begin with Pro-Plus Setup
Everything from Ecom Pro
Woo Commerce Installed
Product Creation (40 Products)
Zoned Tax Rates (city level)
Optimized Landing Pages (5)
Shipping Methods by State / Country
Shipping Methods by Products
Website Live Chat (or)
Cross-sells by Product
 Min-Max order quantity 
Custom Checkout Fees
Product MSRP
Product Checkout Upsells
Delivery Shipping Times
Delivery Shipping Descriptions
Products Stock Management
Global / Quantity Discounts
Products XML Feeds
Order Min-Max Quantities
Product / Time Booking
Product Visibility by Location
Advanced Admin Reporting
Cost of Goods Management
Related Products Upsell
SKU Management
Custom Product Tabs

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